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Mother's Hand Headrest

Comfort with emotional touch of Mother's Hands

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Mother's hand Headrest Reviewed By Living your Moment

If you would like to look back at your sleeping children in the car and know that they have great head support for their little sleeping bodies then you have got to try out the Mother’s Hand Headrest for your comfort and theirs. Read More.......

Abbey Fatica



on February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
one of the best baby contraptions ever! works better than anything else i've tried. wow, kudos to the genius moms (?) who created this Read More.......


I purchased this for my 27 month old son to use on a long drive and it worked really very well.First time I saw him he was sleeping so comfortably,his head was perfectly supported from side ways as well as from front.You won't believe he didn't wake up even single time.Perfect head support!



I got this for my 4 year old daughter and she LOVES it. It fits perfectly around her cheeks. I just wish I would have gotten earlier for her to enjoy it longer. I am saving it for her brother though.





This product is awesome .quite natural in design. Its in perfect hand shape.I was doubtful that may be the center part will come on her neck but it doesn't ,comes right under the chin.And the most imortantly it support very well in forward motion of the head which most of the headrest do not. I am very happy with this product.




Finally! Something that did the trick!,
My daughter is 18 months . This support cushion is so soft and comfy. Her little head leaned on it like a nice, fluffy pillow. It is a bit bulky around the hands part(may be because my daughter is little) and her head isn't quite big enough to fill the upper part, but she'll grow into it. This will make the long drive to grandma and grandpa's house possible! So happy




I just got this for my 3 years old daughter and she loved it. It is always wearing it when we have to travel and fits perfectly. She falls asleep right away, as she feel very comfortable wearing it.